The strategic combination of events, PR, and digital media



About us

Comunica is a creative agency that specializes in a strategic combination of events, PR, and digital media. We have extensive experience in international marketing, we set ourselves high standards and offer services which others can only dream of. Continue reading

Why choose us?

We are a diverse mix of experience and predatory youth, we are a colourful mosaic of people coming from media, agencies and clients. This is the reason why we understand the needs of all parties so well. Continue reading


We don’t perceive advertising as an art form but as a tool. Consider us advertising craftsmen. Every day, we do our best to improve our work with this tool, with a single goal – to sell. If our clients earn more – we earn more. Continue reading

Our Clients

Our clients are mainly medium-sized businesses that assess marketing according to performance, and use it as a tool to support their sales. Using PR they want to get into media. Holding unique events, they aim at getting the decision makers on their side. Digital media is percieved as an effective tool for communicating with their customers. Continue reading

Win a T-shirt

Want to win an extraordinary t-shirt? Play the game at the top of the page. Every month, we’ll reward the best shooter with a limited-edition T-shirt. Continue reading