Managing Director

Martin je kreativní technokrat nadšený pro marketingovou komunikaci. Po dvaceti letech kariéry admana zná mnohé fígle jak zábavnou kampaní dosáhnout i kýžených číselných, prodejních výsledků. S rodinou opustil centrum Prahy a oblíbil si blízký venkov. Miluje pohyb v přírodě a hořkou čokoládu. Nesnáší syrová rajčata. Continue reading

Lovebrands: Koruna česká, Google, Lindt


Client Service Director

Michal is a seasoned pro who has experienced many things in the field. He is absolutely precise, for whom a sloppy solution is never an option. He loves his job and has lots of fun with it. So you can be sure that he will think of all tweaks that are possible. He could not live without his sports and good food. Recently, his life has been dominated by a proud Brit, his cat Eddie. Continue reading

Lovebrands: Apple, Škoda, Red Bull
David Lanka


PR Director

David enjoys having fun. What he likes most is when his work is fun for others and it gives him a sense of satisfaction. It is also the reason why is his view wide as a widescreen movie for which he has a weakness and colorful as impressionistic canvases that he admires. He does not like constraints of any kind, he breaks down the barriers and combines ideas that may seem contradictory at first glance and surprisingly it always works. He likes good movies, melodic music, readable books and honest people. Continue reading

Lovebrands: Mini-Cooper, 20th Century Fox, Cinzano
Jan Libánský


Event and Production Director

Honza was already born as an event manager. As a little boy he organized various type of events and when someone said „it will not work“, he has always had a need to prove that when you want something, you can do it. And it still works. He constantly discover new technologies and materials of all kinds and combines them with his endless creativity. His hobbies include alternative medicine, physiotherapy and photography. Most of all he likes to enjoy a tenderloin with pepper sauce prepared by his wife. Continue reading

Lovebrands: Honda, After eight, Camel, Specialized



No-one knows where he came from. One day he was just there. At first, he was playful and affectionate. But then he showed his true colours. We are talking about our gorilla. To top things off, he barricaded himself in Pavel’s office (our director). He settled down on the sofa, started smoking a cigar, gulping a Samson Radler while piling banana skins all around. On top of that, he started tasking us. It was clear that we had to do something. And then it happened! He got an offer to work as a stableboy … and he accepted. Phew! Continue reading

Lovebrands: Samson radler, Cohiba a Chiquita

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